Chesney Talks Ziggy Marley & Jimmy Buffett’s Roles on New Album

Chesney Talks Ziggy Marley & Jimmy Buffett’s Roles on New Album 

Posted: 5:21 pm Friday, July 27th, 2018

By AJ Maguire

Kenny Chesney’s new album Songs for the Saints is about island life–so it’s no wonder that the project’s featured artists include Ziggy Marley and Jimmy Buffett. “Ziggy’s music, and obviously his father’s music, have been part of the fiber of my life in the islands even before my life there really began,” Chesney tells Garden and Gun about Marley’s appearance on the track “Love for Love City.” “We sent it over to where he was, and he listened, and he said yes. I am so honored that he agreed to be a part of such a key song on the record.” As for Buffett, Chesney asked him to collaborate on a new recording of Buffett’s classic tune “Trying to Reason With Hurricane Season.” “When [Hurricane Irma] was coming down, a very good friend who loves music emailed me the YouTube link, with a note: ’Now you really know how Jimmy Buffett feels,’” Chesney recalls. “He’s a poet who captured a time in Key West when people lived just beyond the law.” Songs for the Saints is out now.

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