Jake Owen Is Excited to Showcase New Artists on “Real Country”

Jake Owen Is Excited to Showcase New Artists on “Real Country” 

Posted: 6:45 pm Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

By AJ Maguire

Jake Owen says he’s excited to showcase up-and-coming country artists on the new show Real Country. “When they came to me with this opportunity, they said, ’Hey, this isn’t anything contractual,’” Owen tells The Boot. “We’re not signing any of these people…We’re just gonna put them on a pedestal and put them in the spotlight, so that they have the opportunity at some point for somebody to come forward and give them that chance.” Owen goes on to say that he, as well as fellow judges Shania Twain and Travis Tritt, will bring a good mix of experience. “I think what [Tritt]’ll bring to the table is that classic country honesty that he’s always had, and a little more grit,” Owen notes. “I think there are those out there looking at Shania thinking she’ll understand more of the pop side of it.” As for Owen? He plans to be the go-to guy for modern country music.

Jake Owen Excited to Showcase New Artists on ’Real Country’: http://theboot.com/jake-owen-real-country-tv-show/