Dolly Parton Surprises Cam Before “Diane” Performance on GMA

Dolly Parton Surprises Cam Before “Diane” Performance on GMA 

Posted: 6:30 pm Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

By AJ Maguire

Cam’s new single “Diane”–penned from the point of view of the other woman in Dolly Parton’s country classic “Jolene”–has garnered her scores of new fans, but one very important one. On Tuesday, Cam was surprised by none other than Parton herself before her performance of “Diane” on Good Morning America. “You did good on that!” Parton told Cam about the song in a pre-recorded video message. “I wish I could be there to hear it in person, but I’ll be watching you on TV. I’m watching you, girl!” A stunned Cam replied, “She’s huge! She is everything. She’s talented, she’s smart, she’s a huge icon for all women.”

Dolly Parton Surprises Cam During ’Good Morning America’ | Sounds Like Nashville: