Rockledge High Senior Commits to 17 Acts of Kindness in Honor of Parkland Shooting

Rockledge High Senior Commits to 17 Acts of Kindness in Honor of Parkland Shooting 

Posted: 6:09 am Thursday, March 15th, 2018

By AshleyK923

Kaylee Smith, a Rockledge High School senior, and also a member of the softball team, says she will be performing 17 acts of kindness for the 17 students lost in the Parkland shooting.

Kaylee says, “In the individual classes some of the teachers explained how it [the National Walkout] was not just a free for all to get out of class and to only walk out if it’s what you stand for. But there was also a poster in one of the hallways with the “What’s your 17?” motto. So I chose that I’m going to go make 17 acts of kindness, even if it’s something as simple as a compliment. And I plan on doing that daily instead of just a one time only thing!”

Kaylee explained a little bit about what those acts of kindness look like:”Things like compliments on a persons smile or outfit, helping people with school subjects, leaving nice notes on sticky notes to put on the mirror in the girls bathroom, opening the door, talk to student in need of a friend, sit with someone who is eating alone, be kind to everyone, listen to someone’s problems and offer advice, and more!”

Way to go Kaylee, and also to the faculty at Rockledge High School that are challenging their students to make a positive difference.