Blake Shelton gets called out for his old school mullet and “ladybug” tattoo

Blake Shelton gets called out for his old school mullet and “ladybug” tattoo 

Posted: 3:33 pm Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

By AJ Maguire

Claire Ryann Crosby sure is one cute kid! The five-year-old darling, who is best known for her YouTube performances with her dad, Dave Crosby, recently caught up with the coaches on season 14 of “The Voice” to ask a few questions.

When she got to Blake Shelton, the tiny tot made sure to make him blush.

As you likely know, the country music superstar used to rock a long, shaggy mullet in the early part of his career. The ’90s look was quite a fashion trend back in that time period. But, these days, that’s not the case. So, Claire is likely unfamiliar with the old school, “party in the back”  hairstyle.

“Is it true that you had long hair at the back of your head in high school?” Claire asked Blake, while seated on a couch near the famous singer.

Blake, of course, let out a groan before admitting, “Yes, that’s true.”

“Someday that’s going to be cool again,” he then added before offering to cut Claire’s hair into the same style.

Afterwards, Claire went after the crooner’s regrettable ink on his arm. Perhaps you know that Blake has an elaborate tattoo on his forearm featuring deer tracks and barbed wire. Numerous people have already commented that the deer tracks actually look like ladybugs, so Claire wanted to set the record straight on the artwork.