Reasons NOT To Get Married On Valentines Day

Reasons NOT To Get Married On Valentines Day 

Posted: 6:13 am Monday, February 12th, 2018

By MelissaOnK923

How romantic to get married on the “most romantic day of the year”. Valentines day is loved and hated equally all over America. There’s no in-between… either you love the day of love, or the thought of it makes you vomit. Either way, DON’T get married on that day. There are multiple reasons why, like EVERYONE and their mothers would be out on your anniversary every year, but the doozy reason is this right here… according to a new study out of Australia, couples who get married on Valentine’s Day are 37% more likely to wind up getting divorced.  And usually, it happens pretty quickly . . . they’re 45% less likely than other couples to make it to three years.

The researchers think it’s because a lot of people rush into Valentine’s weddings . . . quote, “the chance to marry on a special date could . . . lead to quicker and lower quality marriage commitments.”

What do you think?