Drama Ensues In The Bachelor Mansion On Week Two Of Arie’s Season

Drama Ensues In The Bachelor Mansion On Week Two Of Arie’s Season 

Posted: 6:37 am Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

By MelissaOnK923

We are only two weeks into this drama filled show and women are already at each other’s throats. On last nights episode, multiple arguments and drama broke out. It started on the group date when Arie took a 15 of the girls to the demolition derby for a group date. Annaliese freaked out because she said when she was younger she had a tramatic experience with bumper cars as a child. She was in tears during the whole first half of the date and another girl (Jenny) thought that this was hilarous and over the top. Jenny decided to target her for the rest of the date, making fun of her and rolling her eyes when Annaliese got a rose during the rose ceremony. Jenny ended up going home which would prove that Karma was in the house that night as well.

Then Krystal caused drama with several of Arie’s other suitors. Krystal was asked on the 2nd one-on-one date of the week where Arie made a huge step and took her to his hometown of Scottsdale, AZ to meet his entire family, see his childhood home and see his high school. Even though Krystal received a rose on that one-on-one date, during the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Krystal decided to steal Arie away from TWO of the other girls that night causing tension between her and Bibiana. Bibiana accused Krystal of having “zero respect for the other women in the house.” Bibiana got a rose during the ceremony so I am sure we will see more of this dramatic relationship throughout the season.