Guy Made His Girl Friend Sign Contract Regarding Netflix Series “Stranger Things”

Guy Made His Girl Friend Sign Contract Regarding Netflix Series “Stranger Things” 

Posted: 6:30 am Friday, October 27th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923

If you are in a serious relationship or have been in one for a while, you know the struggle of your significant other watching further into a show that you are able to or vice versa… well this wasn’t going to happen in this situation!  I mean having someone to watch a TV show with is cool.  But it can get annoying when it becomes a situation where you can ONLY watch it together.

A die-hard “Stranger Things” fan named Harry Moore is so adamant about watching it with his girlfriend, that he’s making her sign a written CONTRACT stating that she will not burn through Season Two without him.

He posted the contract online . . . and under “conditions” it says, quote, “No episode to be consumed without your partner.  All spoilers to be avoided.  In the event of a spoiler being discovered, it must not be shared with your partner . . .

“Neither partner may even be in the same room as any ‘Stranger Things’ Season Two episode unless with your partner . . . and Season One episodes are excluded from this agreement.”

Netflix caught wind of this, and Tweeted back, quote, “Solid contract, Harry.”

Harry says it hasn’t been signed due to the “deep phase of negotiations,” but he adds, quote, “Any breach of the contract will result in immediate disqualification from our relationship . . . and the changing of my Netflix password.”  (He’s probably joking.  But his girlfriend MIGHT not want to test him on this.)