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We Will Be Spending Over 9 Billion Dollars This Year On Halloween

  • 6:17 am Monday, September 25th, 2017 by MelissaOnK923

$3.4 billion will go to costumes (which makes sense because costumes get more expensive and more intricate every year). . .
$2.7 billion on candy (because we eat a bag before Halloween even gets here and have to replace it). . .
$2.7 billion on decorations (just see below… no explanation needed) . . .
$410 million on greeting cards.The study also found that 71% of people plan on handing out candy this year . . . 49% will decorate their house . . . 48% will wear a costume . . . 46% will carve a pumpkin . . . 35% will [More]

Florida Man Arrested for Buying KFC With 10K Of Stolen Money

  • 6:16 am Monday, September 25th, 2017 by MelissaOnK923

Jennifer Lopez Donates $1 Million To Hurricane Relief In Puerto Rico

  • 5:48 am Monday, September 25th, 2017 by MelissaOnK923

Puerto Rico got it bad when Hurricane Maria came through as a category 5 hurricane just a week after Hurricane Irma did the same thing. The island was left 100% without power and 90% without water. This hit home for  Jennifer Lopez so she decided she is donating $1 million to Hurricane Maria relief efforts in Puerto Rico. The singer-actress made the announcement during a press conference in NYC on Sunday, alongside New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

She stated, “Alex Rodriguez and I are utilizing all of our resources and relationships in entertainment, sports, and business to garner support,” she said, [More]

New Reality Show Coming To TV- Creator Wants People From Orlando To Apply

  • 6:08 am Friday, September 22nd, 2017 by MelissaOnK923

Well this is super cool! This is Mark Long…

Mark is from Orlando and you may know him from quite a few MTV reality shows like The Challenge, Real world and Road Rules. Well now he has created a new reality show and the show is set to air early next year on a major network and even though we aren’t 100% sure exactly what the show is going to be about we do know that they are accepting applications for contestants right now! Also, Mark has made if very clear he REALLY WANTS people from Orlando to apply and be on this show! Below is a [More]

Top 10 Most FUN Cities In America

  • 6:19 am Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 by MelissaOnK923

When you are trying to figure out your next vacation spot there are a few places that are on every persons list to visit. There are definitely more fun spots to visit than other and researchers looked at 58 different factors, like how many parks there are . . . how nice the weather is . . . how many bars there are per capita . . . how many music venues each city has . . . and how much it all costs.  Here are the top ten cities in America. . .

Las Vegas.  It ranked first in nightlife, [More]

Dad Arrested After Chasing Daughter With Clown Mask

  • 6:00 am Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 by MelissaOnK923

You’ve seen video’s go viral on the internet of people scaring others with clown masks, even parents scaring children. It’s all fun and games but things got serious really quickly for Vernon Barrett’s 6-year-old daughter. She has been having trouble behaving properly at school and home. So, Barrett decided to scare some sense into her by putting on a creepy clown mask and chasing his daughter around the grounds of their Ohio apartment complex. The petrified girl responded by running into a neighbor’s apartment and refusing to come out of a back bedroom when her dad—still wearing the clown mask—showed [More]

DWTS Season Opener- Nich Lachey’s Wife Dominates While He Doesn’t Do So Well

  • 5:53 am Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 by MelissaOnK923

Last night was the huge season premiere of DWTS and a lot went down for one night! Violinist Lindsey Sterling earned the highest score and established herself as the early frontrunner. The 30-year-old musician performed a cha-cha that hard-to-please judge Len Goodman called his favorite dance of the night. Then you got Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz danced earnestly to Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times” and professed his love for DWTS. So those were the few ones that stood out to us but then on the other end of that spectrum was Nick Lachey, who if you remember, previously declared that he’d [More]

Luke Bryan Gets Pelted by Fans’ Flying iPhones in Virginia

  • 5:20 pm Monday, September 18th, 2017 by AJ Maguire

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Joins The Game- Photo Goes Viral

  • 6:45 am Friday, September 15th, 2017 by MelissaOnK923

Looks like another Florida Sheriff’s office has decided to join the “hunk” game and post a photo to their Facebook page of a bunch of their good looking officers and talk smack to another county. It’s all fun and games and in the end, us women don’t mind them posting the photos. The comments just get better and better everytime! Click the photo below to see them all…

Mandy Moore Is Engaged!

  • 6:46 am Thursday, September 14th, 2017 by MelissaOnK923

According to E! News the This Is Us star’s boyfriend, Dawes musician Taylor Goldsmith, proposed after two years of dating. Moore was spotted wearing what appears to be an engagement ring at Caffe Luxxe in L.A.’s Brentwood neighborhood Tuesday.

The two have been dating for a little over two years now and not to long ago, Mandy Moore posted a heartfelt anniversary post on social media about her now fiance. “The best 2 years,” Mandy penned. “Never not smiling with you, T.”

The best 2 years. Never [More]