Does Brad Pit Have A New Girl Friend?

Does Brad Pit Have A New Girl Friend? 

Posted: 7:17 am Thursday, July 6th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923


Is Brad Pitt really dating Sienna Miller after splitting from wife Angelina Jolie? Well we can’t be to sure what’s going on but a source tells Us Weekly that the two are at least hanging out. But we have all heard that before… LOL “They’ve been spending some time together,” says the insider. Most recently, Pitt and Miller were spotted together at UK’s Glastonbury festival in the wee hours of June 24. “They would make a great couple.” Another source says about Pitt, “[He] has been on a couple of dates. He’s hanging out with friends and those friends are bringing him out to meet other people.” So it seems like Brad Pit is for sure moving on and getting ready for his next adventure with someone knew since his divorce!