Thomas Rhett Teases “Possible” Selena Gomez Collaboration 

Posted: 6:29 pm Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

By AJ Maguire


Thomas Rhett is being coy about the rumors that he may team up with Selena Gomez on new music. “It’s possible,“ Rhett told Rare Country while performing at Chicago’s Lake Shake Festival. “Anytime the country world melts into the pop world, it’s an interesting conversation. A lot of things need to go correct for it to work out. But yes, Selena did sing a song of mine. It’s still sort of up in the air if it’s going to make the record.“ He adds, “I’ve actually never met Selena in person. I’ve only been able to talk to her over the phone, but I was blown away by just how super-nice and respectful [she was].“

Thomas Rhett comes clean about what he’s up to with Selena Gomez | Rare Country: