Woman Pulls Gun Out In Drive Thru Because She Was Shorted Chicken Nugget

Woman Pulls Gun Out In Drive Thru Because She Was Shorted Chicken Nugget 

Posted: 6:21 am Friday, June 23rd, 2017

By MelissaOnK923

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We have all been shorted a chicken nugget before… or maybe it was a full cheeseburger… the point is, it happens. But this woman was not allowing it. A 19-year-old ordered some chicken nuggets at Jack in the Box near Tacoma, Washington last Sunday.  And she was angry because the line of cars was so long…. so of course she was already in a bad mood that just seemed to get worse when she didn’t get her drink right away . . . she claimed something was wrong with it . . . and also claimed they shorted her one chicken nugget.

Apparently the missing nugget pushed her over the edge, because she launched her drink through the drive-thru window with a GUN in her hands!

And there’s more! There were two other people in the car with her . . . an 18-year-old guy and a 14-year-old girl. And they must have all been angry because when the employees closed the window, the 14-year-old got out and started throwing fists at it.  Then the driver took her handgun and aimed it at the workers through the window before driving off. Someone of course got her license plate number while all that was going on and police tracked her down at the house where the car was registered.  They found her hiding in the attic of the garage, and both passengers were arrested too.

The driver is facing three counts of assault in the first degree, and pleaded not guilty on Monday.  She blames the workers, and says the whole thing could have been avoided if they’d just gotten her order right…

Because they deserve to have a gun pointed a them if they’re busy and overwhelmed and mess something up, right? NO!