Ellen DeGeneres Lands Netflix Special

Ellen DeGeneres Lands Netflix Special 

Posted: 5:41 am Thursday, May 25th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923


Ellen DeGeneres has landed her own Netflix standup special. “It has been 15 years since I did a stand-up special. 15 years,” DeGeneres said in a statement on Wednesday. “And I’m writing it now, I can’t wait. I’ll keep you posted when and where I’m gonna shoot my Netflix special. I’m excited to do it; I’m excited for you to see it.” Actually this is kind of a full circle moment because Ellen DeGeneres got her start in standup comedy before transitioning into acting and then hosting her own daytime show. Her Netflix project will mark her first standup show since 2000, when she starred in Ellen DeGeneres: The Beginning for HBO