Maxim Magazine Names Hailey Baldwin Hottest Woman Alive

Maxim Magazine Names Hailey Baldwin Hottest Woman Alive 

Posted: 6:48 am Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923


Who’s the hottest woman in the world? Well Maxim has decided to make the decision and according to them, it’s model Hailey Baldwin, daughter of Stephen and niece of Alec. I guess good looks and success runs in the family. “I’m quite spiritual; I go to church,” she tells the magazine, which will reveal the rest of its annual Hot 100 list soon. “Last night, I was at my pastor’s house with his wife and kids having family dinner and playing Bananagrams and board games.” As for her relationship status, Baldwin–who’s been linked to the likes of Justin Bieber and Drake–says coyly, “Dating is weird, but it’s so fun.”