New Cars 3 Trailer Officially Released

New Cars 3 Trailer Officially Released 

Posted: 6:24 am Thursday, May 11th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923

cars 3

It has been over 11 years since the original “Cars” movie came out and we are only a few weeks away from Cars 3 “Rivalry” hitting theaters. In the new two-minute clip below from “Cars 3,” it appears that there is a new rivalry between Lightning McQueen and up-and-coming racer Jackson Storm. Owen Wilson is the voice of McQueen, while Armie Hammer is the voice of Storm. Others adding their voice to characters in the movie include Cristela Alonzo, Larry the Cable Guy, Bonnie Hunt, Cheech Marin, Jenifer Lewis, John Ratzenberger and Paul Dooley.

“Cars 3” will open in theatres on June 16.