Billy Ray Cyrus Gushes Over Daughter Miley Cyrus’s Sobriety

Billy Ray Cyrus Gushes Over Daughter Miley Cyrus’s Sobriety 

Posted: 6:31 am Thursday, May 11th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923

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In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Billy Ray Cyrus reveals how daughter Miley’s decision to temporarily give up marijuana has been a positive move. “I don’t know how to break it down more than just the fact that I see a joy in her spirit and something coming from within that is just pure beauty, if you will,” Billy Ray explains. The “Achy Break Heart” singer goes on to say that he’s never seen his daughter more sharp. “Her instincts, everything is at the top of its game,” he adds. “…Sometimes you have to clear out the junk. And then you realize what’s most important. Whatever is going on, it’s working for her.” Miley revealed in a recent Billboard cover story that she’d stopped smoking a few weeks before the interview.