Posted: 6:12 am Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

Jessica Biel Does Not Want Son To Follow In Justin Timberlake’s Footsteps 

By MelissaOnK923


Jessica Biel says there are MANY qualities she would like her son, Silas, to inheret from his dad, Justin Timberlake but being a musician is NOT one of them. “I would like our baby to inherit Justin’s charm and his sense of humor,” the 35-year-old actress tells Australia’s “There are many qualities I’d love him to get from Justin. But there’s one thing I don’t want for him. I really don’t want him to be a musician.” Biel goes on to say that she’d rather their little boy pursue a career in medicine or engineering. “I already have this image of him as a struggling musician and that’s like, ‘Oh my God!’” she continues. “As a mom, you think 30 years into the future and you’re like, ‘How do I fix this for him?’