ABC Makes Offer To Get “American Idol” For Reboot

ABC Makes Offer To Get “American Idol” For Reboot 

Posted: 6:32 am Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

By MelissaOnK923


ABC has reportedly made a bid for the rights to reboot American Idol. According to TMZ, the ABC first contacted Fremantle–the company that produces the show–last week and inquired about bringing the show back for a March 2018 premiere. While ABC also discussed making Ryan Seacrest the host and shooting the series in New York City, sources at Fremantle say production would remain in Los Angeles. Seacrest has yet to be approached by ABC about hosting the show so for now that is all hearsay but it was previously reported that NBC and FOX were in a bidding war a few months ago to get the show, but Fremantle stopped negotiating because of squabbling with CORE, the co-owner of American Idol.