Bachelor Chris Soules’ Emotional 911 Call Released After Fatal Crash

Bachelor Chris Soules’ Emotional 911 Call Released After Fatal Crash 

Posted: 6:12 am Thursday, April 27th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923


If you read the stories that have been going around the internet since Tuesday, then you know that Chris Soules got into a fatal car accident with a tractor trailer. The emotional 911 call that he made after his crash that killed a fellow Iowa farmer was released on Wednesday. In audio shared by Entertainment Tonight, Soules is heard telling the dispatcher that he “rear-ended a guy on a tractor” on a road near the northern Iowa town of Aurora and that the man needed medical attention. He also explains that he didn’t know CPR, and can be heard asking others who were there if they did.Then after he made the call it has been said that Chris Soules fled the scene and according to TMZ he was being charged for that. And his car was left at the scene so the thing investigators are trying to identify now is who the person was that picked up the farmer from the site of the crash. Another thing investigators are trying to figure out is why he initially refused to come out of his home to be arrested after fleeing the scene. The tractor driver, a 66-year-old farmer named Kenneth Mosher, was pronounced dead at a hospital.