Kristen Bell Confirms “Frozen 2” And Announces Release Date

Kristen Bell Confirms “Frozen 2” And Announces Release Date 

Posted: 5:55 am Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923


Kristen Bell, who is the voice of Elsa’s sister Anna in Disney’s Frozen. She revealed on Tuesday the upcoming release date for Frozen 2. “Quick weather forecast from your favorite Disney princess’ sister,” the 36-year-old actress, who voices Anna in the movie, tweeted. “Theaters are gonna get Frozen on November 27, 2019! Woo Hoo!!!!” Disney Animation also shared the good news on Twitter, alongside a GIF of everybody’s favorite Frozen character: Olaf the Snowman. The original Frozen movie has made more than $1.2 billion to date.