Top 9 Things People Lie About On A First Date

Top 9 Things People Lie About On A First Date 

Posted: 6:43 am Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923


While it’s perfectly normal to not tell the whole truth during a first date, there are a number of things that people tend to lie about when they meet someone for the first time. According to Elite Daily here are the top nine topics we all tend to fib about:


  1. Sexual history (19.2 percent)
  2. Dating history (17.6 percent)
  3. Finances (11.8 percent)
  4. Where you live (9.9 percent)
  5. Age (8.3 percent)
  6. Interests/hobbies (8.1 percent)
  7. Job (6.2 percent)
  8. Having kids (2.6 percent)
  9. Being divorced (2.1 percent)