Lady Antebellum’s Kids Inspired Songs on Upcoming Album

Lady Antebellum’s Kids Inspired Songs on Upcoming Album 

Posted: 2:29 pm Thursday, April 20th, 2017

By AJ Maguire

Lady Antebellum revealed this week that a song on their forthcoming album Heart Break was inspired by their children. “It’s about our kids, but I feel like it can be about anybody that you love,” Scott tells Taste of County of the heartfelt track. Meanwhile, Scott adds that there is also a song about their spouses on the project. “I think definitely one of the biggest blessings about this break was that we got to live and make memories and obviously had things going on, but have really great quality time with our families,” she continues. When you’re just living life, you have ups and you have downs and that’s where we find our inspiration from.” The 13-track album includes 11 songs co-written by the trio and drops on June 9.