Posted: 6:26 am Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Study Shows People Use Phone 88% Of Time While Driving 

By MelissaOnK923

 We KNOW we’re not supposed to text and drive, but phone addiction is real, man. And when we say a real addiction, we mean it. Do you ever catch yourself on your phone while driving and even think to yourself “I shouldn’t be on my phone” then you put it down and before you even realize it, it’a back in your hands again while you driving? That’s an addiction…
According to a new study, we use our phones virtually every time we’re in the car. The study looked at 3.1 million drivers and found they used their phones during 88% of their drives . . . in other words, we use our phone during nine out of every 10 trips. And if you multiply it out, that means that people in this country take 600 million drives every day where they’re messing around on their phones. During an hour in the car, the average person is looking at their phone for threeand-a-half minutes.  That’s . . . not good.