Tim McGraw Says Happy Marriage Means Saying “Yes Ma’am” a Lot

Tim McGraw Says Happy Marriage Means Saying “Yes Ma’am” a Lot 

Posted: 5:17 pm Monday, April 17th, 2017

By AJ Maguire

What’s the secret to a happy marriage? According to Tim McGraw, who’s been married to Faith Hill since 1996, it all comes down to two little words: “Yes, ma’am.“ The country couple, who will soon appear together on the cover of Architectural Digest, quizzed each other in a funny video for the magazine all about their relationship. “If you could get rid of any item of mine–?“ Hill begins to ask McGraw at one point before he cuts her off and answers, “Maybe your cell phone.“ He had a more serious answer when Hill asked, “What’s the best part about living with me?“ “ She just brightens every room she walks into,“ McGraw says. (Aww!) When Hill then asked, “What do you think the key to a happy marriage is?“ Hill said, “Just say ’yes ma’am’ a lot.“ On the flip side, Hill claims the key to a happy marriage is “not saying yes all the time.“

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