Burger King Creates Whopper Toothpaste For April Fools

Burger King Creates Whopper Toothpaste For April Fools 

Posted: 6:11 am Friday, March 31st, 2017

By MelissaOnK923

Incase you’re HUGE into April Fools Jokes… here is one you can send to your friends who LOVE  Burger Kings Whoppers…  The fast food chain is getting ahead of the game by creating this strange, dubbed commercial days before the actual April Fools Day. Now, this may just be another #brand joke released a few days before April 1st to some, but this could be the wave of the future — flavor paste.

Who needs a refreshing wintergreen or mint flavor when you can have a symphony of onion, mayonnaise, and sesame seed bun to go along with the juicy meat flavor that brings it all together? Maybe it’s just us but EW!