Posted: 6:14 am Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Tom Brady’s Missing Superbowl Jersey was Found… In Mexico 

By MelissaOnK923

tom brady.jpg
The case of TOM BRADY’s missing Super Bowl jersey has been solved, and the media has narrowed down the suspect. Turns out it wasn’t misplaced. It was in fact stolen by someone. Contrary to Brady’s own investigation, the thief was NOT Lady Gaga . . .
As it turns out, the jersey was found in Mexico, along with other Super Bowl memorabilia, including Brady’s jersey from Super Bowl 49 in 2015, and Von Miller’s Denver Broncos helmet from Super Bowl 50 last year. All the items are in the process of being authenticated.
The thief was apparently a Mexican journalist named Martin Mauricio Ortega. He was the director of a major Mexican newspaper until he resigned last week. The authorities found footage from Fox, which showed Ortega enter the locker room, and reach into Brady’s bag. He put the jersey into a black plastic bag and left. His back was to the camera, so officials had to go through about 20,000 people with credentials to be in the area before settling on Ortega.