13 Brutally Honest Women Explain Why “Ghosting” Is Easier Than A Breakup

13 Brutally Honest Women Explain Why “Ghosting” Is Easier Than A Breakup 

Posted: 5:39 am Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923


Being on the wrong end of a ghosting situation can be a real drag. Ghosting is where you just stop talking to the other person, hoping they take a hint. You avoid calls, texts, face to face conversations… any time of inteaction. And sometimes there is a reason for the bad behavior. With that in mind, Elite Daily spoke to 13 women about why they’ve ghosted someone in the part. Here are their explanations:

  •  “Just wasn’t feeling it.”
  •  “I didn’t really like the guy.”
  •  “There was not nearly enough investment (on either part) for me to see it as a bad thing to do.”
  • “It’s way easier than speaking to them.”
  • “They were p**sing me off.”
  • “Two were because they were too aggressive with their approach.”
  • “Either we went out and, like, I really wasn’t into it, or I gave someone random my number and realized I never wanted to talk to them again.”
  • “He was really creeping me out.”
  • “He wouldn’t take, ‘I’m just not interested’ as an answer.”
  • “He wouldn’t leave me alone.”
  • “One night, probably the third or fourth time he came over to my apartment…he just walked right in-a bit of a red flag because I did not feel we were at all on that level yet.”
  • “He took me to a sports bar on our fourth of fifth date for a football game and told me to ‘shhh’ or ‘one second’ during the game several times.”
  • “I was watching football with a guy I had been seeing for a few months and his friends. He didn’t know what a field goal was and was completely disinterested in the game.”