Update: Michael Buble’s Son is Doing Well After Cancer Treatment

Update: Michael Buble’s Son is Doing Well After Cancer Treatment 

Posted: 5:49 am Monday, March 13th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923


It wasn’t that long ago that America was hurting for Michael Buble as we found out that his 3-year-old son, Noah, was diagnosed with liver cancer. But today we got an update that he is “doing very well” after undergoing treatment for the cancer, according to the singer’s brother-in-law Dario Lopilato. “After these very long months Noah is doing well, very well,” Lopilato tells Argentine publication La Nacion. “For me it’s very difficult to talk about it. But I believe in God and sought comfort in Jesus Christ and a miracle from God came, from the way it was discovered, after the operation, everything.” Buble and his wife  Luisana Lopilato revealed in November that Noah had been diagnosed with cancer. Buble canceled all of his work commitments shortly after to spend time with his family during ordeal.