Girl Makes Wedding Dress from Taco Bell Burrito Wrappers

Girl Makes Wedding Dress from Taco Bell Burrito Wrappers 

Posted: 6:28 am Friday, March 3rd, 2017

By MelissaOnK923

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We have heard recently that Taco Bell is allowing people to get married there for WAY LESS than it costs for an average wedding. It started out as a joke. Well Meet Diane Ngyuyen who took things to the next level. Diane, a bride-to-be, who crafted her wedding gown entirely out of Taco Bell burrito wrappers. The hilarious image, which went viral after being posted on Imgur this week, is Ngyuyen’s entry to Taco Bell’s “Love and Tacos” contest, which is offering one lucky couple a free wedding package at the chain’s Las Vegas outpost. “It’s time to spill the beans,” Ngyuyen captioned the photo. “We have been engaged for 4 years, and together for 10. Taco Bell has been there through the years, from the after school runs, to late meals after work (or a night of partying). Our love for each other is as cheesy as a quesadilla. We’re nachos getting married, it’s going to be a Las Vegas tacover. Lettuce celebrate our love at the Taco Bell Chapel in Vegas, cuz we are ready to guac and roll.” Ngyuyen hopes that that her elaborate dress will help earn her and her fiance votes. However, she adds, “If you don’t want to vote for us, that’s cool too. I hope you enjoy the ‘trashy’ photo.”