Baby’s Sonogram Shows Baby Doing Rock On Sign with Fingers

Baby’s Sonogram Shows Baby Doing Rock On Sign with Fingers 

Posted: 6:04 am Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

By MelissaOnK923

How often do we hear of a baby going viral before its even born?! Well Makelle is 22 weeks pregnant. Last week she and her husband had a sonogram that left them comfortably numb. Their baby flashed the “rock on” sign. “Well it’s official our kids are the coolest even before they enter the world … or they are just really full of themselves,” Makelle, 27, wrote on her Facebook page, where she posted her sonogram photo of her third child.

Her husband, Jared, 30, was the one who noticed the hand gesture during the routine “here’s the head, here’s the heart” photo op on Thursday.

“Wait! Go back! Go back! I want to see that again,” he told the sonogram tech.

“My husband was so excited,” said Ahlin, a grade school reading specialist. “His excitement just made me start giggling. The ultrasound lady probably wanted to kill me because I could not stop laughing.”

When Ahlin posted the photo on her Facebook page and for her 19,000 followers on Instagram, people thought it was fake. It’s Photoshopped, they said. “No one believes us,” she laughed. “I can barely run Microsoft Word. I don’t know how to Photoshop.”

Their sonogram tech saw the couple featured on the local news and verified that she took the image. “Cutest couple and the baby was so fun to scan!” she wrote on her own Facebook page.