“Fake Freckle” Tattoos Are Becoming a More Popular Thing With Women

“Fake Freckle” Tattoos Are Becoming a More Popular Thing With Women 

Posted: 6:21 am Monday, February 27th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923

freckle tattoo.png

Just another thing to add to the list of ways that society makes women “less perfect”. Freckles are now something women are getting PUT onto their bodies by tattooing. Its becoming a trend where women are getting permanent, natural-looking spots tattooed across their nose and cheeks. “Since I started doing [freckle tattoos] last year, I’ve gotten dozens of requests,” Santa Clarita, California-based tattoo artist Mo Southern tells TODAY. “It brings a certain youth to the face.” She added, “People want what they don’t have!” Creating realistic freckles can be a challenge as they can’t just be dots applied in a uniform pattern across the face. “They have to be a wide array of shapes, sizes, and darkness,” Southern explains. The fake freckles look darker when they are first tattooed on the skin, but blend in and look completely natural after healing.