Posted: 5:54 am Monday, February 20th, 2017

New Britney Spears Lifetime Movie Bashed on Twitter 

By MelissaOnK923

Lifetime’s unauthorized Britney Spears biopic Britney Ever After aired on Saturday and was almost immediately destroyed by by the singer’s fans on Twitter. The two-hour film, which starred Natasha Bassett as Spears and Nathan Keyes as Justin Timberlake, chronicled the pop star’s career and highly-publicized breakdown. It also claimed that Britney and Justin made a sex tape and engaged in a bizarre post-breakup dance-off. However, out of everything that fans hated in the movie it was obvious that the main thing that really got to her fans was the poor portrayal of Justin. Here are 12 of the most passionate tweets about Britney Ever After:
  1. I’m currently watching Britney and Justin have a dance-off in the Britney lifetime movie. How did my life lead me to typing those words…
  2. Ten seconds in and she’s eaten an entire bag of cheese puffs.
  3. So… I guess that’s supposed to be Justin Timberlake.
  4. Casting call for Britney Ever After: We need five white boys. Any five white boys. Just… be white.
  5. Who is this Dollar Store Justin Timberlake?
  6. They made Justin look like Clay Aiken.
  7. You had one job, Lifetime. One job. Get someone who LOOKS like Britney.
  8. Lifetime has to fire the whole casting department. This girl looks more like Lisa Kudrow.
  9. How many of you feel personally victimized by Lifetime’s Britney Ever After?
  10. Anyone else watch Britney Ever After? I feel disrespected! Britney Spears didn’t deserve that.
  11. OMG me and the gays are watching Britney Ever After and I am gasping. This ain’t right, ya’ll. She does NOT deserve THIS!
  12. This whole movie is “alternative facts.”