Hannah Jeter States She Will Never Pose Pregnant

Hannah Jeter States She Will Never Pose Pregnant 

Posted: 6:44 am Thursday, February 16th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923


Most celebrities jump on the baby bump wagon and post photos of their belly all over social media, make sure to go out and show off their bumb for the media, but Hannah Jeter doesn’t plan on showing off her baby bump to the world. “Maybe I would do a pregnant shoot [just to] have the pictures for myself, but I think that’s something you kind of just want to share with your husband or your family,” she explains to Entertainment Tonight. “I don’t think I would just give that to the world. That would be a little much.” The 26-year-old Sports Illustrated model goes on to say that she and her husband Derek Jeter value living a low-profile life. “I think for us, family has always been really important. We’re extremely grounded and have very close friends and family around all the time, that kind of keep you in check,” she says. “I love to visit New York, and I love to visit L.A.–we have a bit more reserved, chill life down in Tampa. So, I’m thankful for that.”