Update on Tom Brady’s Stolen Superbowl Jersey

Update on Tom Brady’s Stolen Superbowl Jersey 

Posted: 5:57 am Thursday, February 9th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923

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Of course, after that Superbowl game that was played on Sunday, people would be on the lookout for Tom Brady’s Jersey. If song online, you could make a good chunk of change. And rumors went around saying someone had stolen the Jersey to do just that. But TMZ has learned that the jersey Tom Brady wore in Super Bowl LI may not have been stolen after all. According to the outlet, new evidence has surfaced that suggests the jersey may have been packed in an 18-wheeler team equipment truck destined for Boston. It’s believed that the truck wasn’t searched before it left NRG Stadium in Houston and contains all sorts of team and player equipment. It’s also possible that James White’s missing game-winning touchdown ball is also on the truck. Meanwhile, Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison said on Wednesday that Brady’s jersey could easily fetch $200,000 if recovered. “It’s one of the greatest Super Bowls of all-time…but right now it’s worthless to anybody because if you’re caught with it, it’s like five to ten [years in prison].”