Boston Bombing Survivor is Marrying the Fire Fighter Who Saved Her Life

Boston Bombing Survivor is Marrying the Fire Fighter Who Saved Her Life 

Posted: 6:28 am Friday, February 3rd, 2017

By MelissaOnK923

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A 48-year-old woman named Roseann Sdoia was near the finish line during the Boston Marathon bombing four years ago, and lost her right leg just above the knee. Which may be the start a sad story for some, but not Roseann. . . The 37-year-old fireman named Mike Materia that helped save her life and then rode with her in an ambulance… yeah, they’re getting MARRIED.

He came to visit her in the hospital, and her mom tried to set them up. Roseann says it was actually pretty funny . . . I mean she was laying in the hospital after just getting blown up, missing a leg, trying to figure out her life and her mom is trying to set her up. LOL 

Mike took her on their first date about two months later . . . they got engaged last month . . . and they’re planning a small wedding this fall.

They were both at an event in New York on Wednesday called the Empire State Building Run-Up, where people climb 86 flights of stairs to raise money for charity. Roseann did it with her prosthetic on, and Mike wore his firefighting gear. How awesome is that? These two sound like the perfect couple, right? 

She also has a book coming out in March called “Perfect Strangers”, about Mike and two other people who helped save her life four years ago. (NY Post)