Johnny Manziel Denies All TMZ Rumors

Johnny Manziel Denies All TMZ Rumors 

Posted: 5:55 am Friday, January 20th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923


If you remember, about a week ago we posted a story about former football star Johnny Manziel. He was to make an appearance for a Superbowl event in Texas, and it was rumored that he was going to charge up to $50 per selfie a the event for anyone that wanted one. Well he has denied those reports. “Just had this brought to my attention. I’m not charging a penny for a damn ‘selfie’ at the Super Bowl,” Manziel tweeted Thursday. “I’m doing this signing for the people (especially Texans) who have stuck with me through all the mistakes I’ve made these past years #tru.” TMZ previously reported that Manziel would be offering autographs for $99 and selfies for $50 during appearances at several Stadium Signature stores next month. He has yet to deny the autograph fee.