Posted: 6:16 am Friday, January 20th, 2017

Florida Woman Arrested For Accidentally Throwing Drink in Cops Face 

By MelissaOnK923

We seriously cannot make this stuff up, even if we tried. A woman in Melbourne, Florida flagged down two cops on Monday. She said her friend just got attacked by a 33-year-old woman named Twyla Saunders who lived nearby.But when they went to Twyla’s house, she claimed the woman was making the whole thing up. Which started a fight, and Twyla tried to throw a drink in her face.
But unfortunately she missed . . . and accidentally hit one of the COPS with it instead.
According to the police report, the drink hit the cop in the chest and face, so they arrested her for battery on a law enforcement officer.

But while they were booking her, they also found a crack pipe in her bra. So she’s facing drug charges too