Posted: 6:21 am Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Dog Abuse Suspision from the Upcoming Movie “A Dog’s Purpose” 

By MelissaOnK923

a dogs purpose.jpg
“A Dog’s Purpose” is one of those heart-warmy / tear-jerky movies about how much we love dogs even though they have to die and crush our souls. So you’d think that when they made the movie, they treated the dogs with the utmost care.
But TMZ posted a video yesterday of crew members trying to force a German shepherd into a tank of turbulent water, totally against his will. They finally do get him in, but he goes under . . . and has to be rescued as the director yells cut.
It’s not clear if going under was part of the plan. But the studio says everything’s cool and there was no abuse. PETA’s not buying it. (Here’s the video. And here’s the trailer. You can see the scene they were filming at 1:28. The movie opens next Friday.)