Florida Teen Celebrates 1st Period with Party and Cake

Florida Teen Celebrates 1st Period with Party and Cake 

Posted: 6:07 am Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923


Well this has to be a first…A Florida mom recently threw her 12-year-old daughter a “period party” because she was nervous about starting menstruation. Buzzfeed reports that Shelly Lee gave her daughter Brooke tampons, pads and pizza, as well as a cake with the words, “Congrats on your period!” Brooke’s cousin Autumn Jenkins tweeted a photo of the cake and it quickly went viral, with many people expressing their support for families throwing period parties. “I like that it gives this girl a positive attitude towards her period and not shame that so many are made to feel,” one wrote. Another added, “I’m doing this for my daughter.”