Backstreet Boys on The Bachelor

Backstreet Boys on The Bachelor 

Posted: 6:13 am Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

By MelissaOnK923

The @backstreetboys, the honorary Backstreet Girls and #TheBachelor! 🤔🌹🎶

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On Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, The Backstreet Boys stopped by to help Nick Viall on his quest for love. After surprising the ladies in the Bachelor mansion, the BSB fellas led a dance class as part of a group date and invited the women to perform as their background dancers during a performance that night. Danielle proved to have the most rhythm during the performance and won a dance with Nick while the Backstreet Boys serenaded them. The episode also found Corinne throwing her sexuality at Nick (again) with some help from a bottle of whipped cream, which caused several ladies to question Nick’s intentions on the show.