Luke Bryan finally blocks one of Nashville’s big “Twitter Trolls”. 

Posted: 6:27 pm Friday, January 6th, 2017

By AJ Maguire

luke-bryan-chicagoGetty Images/Daniel Boczarski

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For better or worse, social media has given everyone the opportunity to get on a soapbox, have a platform to voice their opinions and offer unsolicited advice. There are plenty of folks who use these outlets for positive messages and encouragement. Others choose to spread negativity, spew toxic messages and tear others down. They’re often downright cruel in an attempt at humor. Then there are those that fall somewhere in between.

 Luke Bryan found himself in the crosshairs of one of the latter on Jan. 5. Twitter account holder “Not Kenny Rogers” is one of those that falls somewhere in between. The sarcastic, entertainment-focused account takes jabs at news, entertainment and pop culture, but it’s relatively innocuous. However, when a dig at Luke Bryan caught the country star’s attention, things went south.

It all started with a tweet commenting on Luke’s attire. Luke wasn’t tagged in the tweet, just named, but he did reply:

It’s so cold in Nashville right now, I just saw Luke Bryan wearing an extra layer of yoga pants on his way to Zumba.

Luke Bryan

 @NotKennyRogers whoa. You really got me there big guy. Man I tell. That stings. Creative!!!

Things then turned ugly when Not Kenny Rogers criticized Luke’s music:

To be clear, I don’t dislike you for your fashion sense. I dislike you for your horrible music. 

Luke Bryan

 @NotKennyRogers i remember when music row used to talked about your post.

After one more retort, Luke shut the conversation down:

I remember when country music singers didn’t wear jorts. 

@NotKennyRogers I think it’s funny how I’ve inadvertently waited 11 years to block you. Bye.

Meanwhile, fans who were watching the debacle were commenting with their support and love for the country music superstar. It’s also likely that Luke, who is one of the most successful artists in country music, walked away unscathed.