Algebra Teacher Uses Sexting Theme To Teach Lesson

Algebra Teacher Uses Sexting Theme To Teach Lesson 

Posted: 6:17 am Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

By MelissaOnK923


What do you think should happen to this guy? A lot of people are saying suspension, some are even saying he should be let go all together… An Ohio high school math teacher has been disciplined for presenting his class with a sexting-themed algebra lesson. “Tony can send 5 texts and 3 nudes in 19 minutes,” the problem began. “He could also send 3 texts and 1 nude in 9 minutes. How long would it take him to send one text and one nude?” A student in Daniel Rapp’s class at Berea City Schools took a photo of the question, and the teacher soon after received a written reprimand for his behavior. Some parents have complained that the Rapp’s punishment was “too lenient, but superintendent Michael Sheppard insists the school district took the situation “very seriously.” He added that officials conducted a full investigation and ultimately decided that Rapp is “a good teacher, and just in this case used the inappropriate word.” Whats your opinion on it?