Professional Tips on How to get a good photo of your child with Santa.

Professional Tips on How to get a good photo of your child with Santa. 

Posted: 6:26 am Monday, December 19th, 2016

By MelissaOnK923

Well as a parent, this advice has to be HUGE! Even as someone who doesn’t have kids, just shopping in the mall at the times people are taking photos with santa, you can tell its not an easy task at all to get your child to either smile, not scream, or just sit still so you can get a good photo of them with Santa. Well thanks to WAND TV, we are showing you tips from a professional pediatrician on how to get those good photos of your child with Santa this year… Here is what she has to say about it. “I think it’s because of his size in general. And his voice being different,” said Dr. Jennifer Snyder, a pediatrician with Memorial Medical Center in Springfield. “Maybe even his clothing too.”

Its the ages 1-3 that are the most scared, and its mostly because the guy they are about to sit near is a complete and total stranger. “If you just throw them on Santa’s lap, those arms are going to come flailing out to you right away, and they’re not going to be ready for it,” said Snyder. There are a number of simple tips to try and ease the anxiety of visiting Santa.  Those includes reading stories about him, walking by and pointing out Santa on occasion before you want to take the picture, and even having parents sit with Santa.

Snyder, who has two children under the age of four, said there’s even advice for Santa, too. “Some of the Santas do a good job by getting down to the child’s level right in the beginning, and I think that’s really important,” she said. “I try to do that in my own office.”

The last piece of advice — which may be a spoiler for the results of our own experiment — is that parents should prepare for, and appreciate, any reaction they get on camera.

“I don’t think a couple times on Santa’s lap is going to leave any long-term scarring,” said Snyder.