Full House Creator Buys The Tanner Home in San Fransisco for $4.5 Mil

Full House Creator Buys The Tanner Home in San Fransisco for $4.5 Mil 

Posted: 6:18 am Friday, December 2nd, 2016

By MelissaOnK923

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Back in May when Jeff Franklin, the creator of Full House, tweeted a photo outside the original Tanner home in San Francisco. “Charlie [his dog] and I went to San Fran to go house hunting. This one looks familiar,” he wrote. “Think I should buy?!” Well that is exactly what the man did.

EW can confirm Franklin purchased the house for $4.15 million, with Cindy Ambuehl representing him in the sale. The house is located on 1709 Broderick Street and marks where the Tanner family lived in the series. Franklin celebrated his new but oh so familiar home on Twitter, writing, “Yep, I bought it. Pretty cool!”

EW reported that “Because the home’s previous owner became annoyed by the bevy of visitors, Franklin said the crew hasn’t been allowed to shoot inside the house since their first stock shoot in 1987. Assuming Netflix opts to renew Fuller House for a third season, he added, ‘We would take advantage of the fact that I now own the house, and we could go up there and shoot some new footage and maybe bring the cast up and shoot with them up there.'”

But first, he needs to get going on about “six months of construction” to get it “up to code.” Meanwhile, we’re pleased to report the door, which was painted seafoam green by the previous owners, is back to its red glory.

The inside of the house looks nothing like you would expect though, and NOTHING like the inside of the house on Fuller House…Photos below!

Season 2 of Fuller House premieres on Netflix on Dec. 9.”