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Hilarious Trailer for “2016: The Movie”

  • 1:06 pm Saturday, December 31st, 2016 by MelissaOnK923

2016: The movie… LOL its hilarious but at the same time does bring everything that happened in 2016 to our attention. What do you think?

Wet’n Wild Will Close December 31st 2016

  • 7:57 pm Friday, December 30th, 2016 by MelissaOnK923

Tomorrow, December 31st, 2016, will be the last possible day to visit a piece of Orlando history. Wet’n Wild, a water park, in Orlando that has been open since 1977 will come to a end tomorrow. Universal Orlando announced it is building a new water park called Volcano Bay near the Cabana Bay Beach resort. That water park is expected to open in 2017. So even though an era is ending with Orlando’s favorite water park, a new era is beginning. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Wet ‘n Wild was the 10th-busiest water park in the world in 2014, [More]

Watch: Man Jumps With Parachute from 22nd Floor of 55 West in Orlando

  • 6:23 pm Friday, December 23rd, 2016 by MelissaOnK923

This has to be the craziest thing that has happened in the 55 West building in downtown Orlando! A video was posted to twitter the other day of a guy jumping off the balcony of the 22nd with a parachute. And the crazy part is you can’t even see that he has a parachute attached to him until he has falled pretty far and then it pops open. The person recording the video says “oh sh** he made it” at the end, so maybe this was just some drunken dare that they never expected to actually take place or maybe [More]

Judge Rules That In Divorce Dogs Are Considered Property, Not To Be Treated As Children

  • 11:23 pm Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 by MelissaOnK923

What do you think of this? A judge in canada issued a couple a 15 page decision denying a splitting couple the right to treating their dog like a child who needs custody. His decision was just a plain… no.

Justice Richard Danyliuk, of the Court of Queen’s Bench for Saskatchewan, wrote in his ruling, “I say without reservation that the prospect of treating pets as children would be treated holds absolutely no attraction for me. My present task is not to act with emotion or to validate the personal perspective of pet owners within the legal context. Rather, it is to [More]

Alec Baldwin Reveals How Much He Makes EACH Time He Plays Trump on SNL

  • 11:15 pm Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 by MelissaOnK923

Ever since the election stated, Alec Baldwin has played Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. And he continues to play Trump for the foreseeable future. I mean why wouldn’t he. Its the gig of a lifetime. He gets $1,400 EVERY SINGLE TIME he plays Trump on an episode of SNL. Alec Baldwin announced all of this in an interview with the New York Times. Donald Trump doesnt find it very entertaining either. He tweeted this out the other day showing his feelings towards the actor and show…

Read the full story at Deadline.com

Florida Couple Hides Their Pregnancy & Then Surprises Family for Christmas

  • 11:07 pm Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 by MelissaOnK923

This is an intense Christmas gift if you ask us. This couple hid their entire pregnancy while away for 10 months and when they came home at Christmas time, surprised their entire family with their newborn daughter.

Ben and Hannah Hinders lived in Hawaii for 10 months where shortly after arriving, Hannah became pregnant. They decided to hide the pregnancy from everyone in their family. Including siblings, parents, and friends. As they surprised their loved ones one by one they recorded the entire thing.

Ben wrote on his Youtube video, ” huge thank you to the friends who helped us keep the [More]

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Dress Up as Mr. & Mrs. Claus and Visit Childrens Hospital

  • 7:12 am Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 by MelissaOnK923

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom spent their Tuesday dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus to surprise patients at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.The Hospitals Facebook Page posted photos of the couple greeted all of the kids and said they sang Christmas carols for them. The visit isnt far behind the time when Katy Perry told Entertainment Tonight that she and Bloom want to “try to do a better, bigger thing” with their celebrity influence. “He’s been a UNICEF ambassador for over 10 years and I’ve only been a few years, so he’s kind of shown me some of the ropes,” she explained. [More]

BIG Celebrities Honor Tony Bennet For His 90th Birthday

  • 7:09 am Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 by MelissaOnK923

You know you have been pretty dang successful in your carrer when you have the biggest names in show business gathering to celebrate your birthday… LOL well Tony Bennett’s 90th birthday for the NBC special Tony Bennett Celebrates 90: The Best Is Yet to Come that aired on Tuesday night had a ton of huge names. Lady Gaga belted out Frank Sinatra’s hit “The Lady Is the Tramp,” which she and Bennett covered on their 2014 duets album Cheek to Cheek. Michael Buble, Billy Joel, Elton John, and Bob Dylan also performed tributes for Bennett. Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin served as the unofficial emcee [More]

Algebra Teacher Uses Sexting Theme To Teach Lesson

  • 6:17 am Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 by MelissaOnK923

What do you think should happen to this guy? A lot of people are saying suspension, some are even saying he should be let go all together… An Ohio high school math teacher has been disciplined for presenting his class with a sexting-themed algebra lesson. “Tony can send 5 texts and 3 nudes in 19 minutes,” the problem began. “He could also send 3 texts and 1 nude in 9 minutes. How long would it take him to send one text and one nude?” A student in Daniel Rapp’s class at Berea City Schools took a photo of the question, and the [More]

Chris Young Donates $500 in Honor of Fan Fighting Cancer

  • 4:52 pm Tuesday, December 20th, 2016 by AJ Maguire

Chris Young lifted one fan’s Christmas spirits on Sunday when he offered to donate $500 in her name to the cancer-fighting charity of her choice. On Saturday, Young tweeted, “Eight days until Christmas! What’s on your wish list this year?“ When @CountryGirlMimi replied, “To be cancer-free,“ Young said, “Hey girl, keep fighting! What charity should I donate $500 to? I’ll put it in your name for Christmas.“ Mimi replied, “OMG Chris that is so awesome! The American Cancer Society, please, and thank you very much!“

Chris Young Offers to Make Donation After Fan Sends Holiday Wish Tweet: http://nashvillegab.com/2016/12/chris-young-cancer-donation.html