Posted: 6:11 am Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

Christmas Gift You Didn’t Like and Ones You’re Still Paying Off 

By MelissaOnK923


Chistmas is not something people only think about for part of the year, well at least not for a good percentage of the people out there who bought or received gifts…

5% of People Are Still Paying Off Last Year’s Christmas Presents! But some of that 5% is people who purchased major things for a loved one such as an engagement ring or maybe a car or an appliance… but the other people in that 5% are just the people who went crazy and bought way to many toys for their kids and are still trying to pay fo them…So this isn’t a surprise: 43% of people say they wind up regretting how much they spend over the holidays.

15% of Us Got a Gift Last Year We Didn’t Want . . . and 8% Can’t Even Remember What They Got. That means there’s about a one-in-four chance your gift will unwanted or forgotten. Not to be negative or anything… LOL just keep this in mind before you spend a fortune on someone’s Christmas present this year: There’s a pretty good chance they don’t even want it. And the average price of those unwanted or forgettable gifts was $48.

Americans spent $12.8 BILLION shopping online between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. That’s about a 15% increase from last year