Maren Morris Pranks Keith Urban on Stage

Maren Morris Pranks Keith Urban on Stage 

Posted: 12:49 pm Saturday, November 19th, 2016

By MelissaOnK923

keith maren.jpeg

Out on tour right now with Keith Urban is Brett Eldredge and CMA New Artist of the Year, Maren Morris. During Urban’s usual set on this tour, Maren Morris is suppose to come out with Urban to sing the duet “We Were Us”. 

But the other night Morris decided she was going to pull a little prank on Keith during that song. Instead of having her come out on stage as usual, she sent her drummer out, dressed as her (wig and all), while she sang in the mic from back stage. You can see Urban losses it on stage and starts dying of laughter. He even tries to sing though a few lines but is laughing so hard that he can barley do it. The video from Maren Morris’s Instagram is below.