New at McDonalds: Sriracha Big Mac

New at McDonalds: Sriracha Big Mac 

Posted: 6:11 am Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

By MelissaOnK923


Just a few days ago we were talking about McDonalds introducing the Nutella Burger over in Italy… Well this new thing McDonalds is cooking up is the Sriracha Big Mac! And its not even being tested outside of the United States, like the Nutella Burger… you can get this in Ohio right now! The new version of the Big Mac features traditional Special Sauce mixed with the Thai pepper-and-garlic sauce. They announced on Monday that it will be will offer the new Sriracha Big Mac in 122 McDonald’s restaurants in the Central Ohio area for testing. It is expected to be on the menu through the end of 2016. Reports also indicate the spicy version of the classic Big Mac could be available in some markets in Florida. So if you are anxious to try this… don’t drive to Ohio just yet. If testing goes well, we can probably expect to see the nationwide launch of the new Sriracha Big Mac sometime in 2017.

The spicy twist on McDonald’s Big Mac Special Sauce is also available separately as a dipping sauce for a variety of McDonald’s menu items.