It Costs $37K More to Raise A Girl Than a Boy

It Costs $37K More to Raise A Girl Than a Boy 

Posted: 6:52 am Thursday, November 10th, 2016

By MelissaOnK923

Teenage boy and girl stick out tongues to each other

This is kind of a give in.. that girls are more expensive to raise. I mean think of all the things girls do, school dances, and clothes and makeup. In 18 years, all of that adds up to a pretty penny. But who knew it was $37,000 more to raise a girl?!

Well a new study found it costs $37,000 more to raise a girl from when she’s born until she’s 18 than it does to raise a boy. It costs an average of $98,500 to raise a boy . . . and $135,000 to raise a girl. The reason for the cost difference is . . . all the extra money parents spend on clothes, toiletries, and cosmetics. The only place where parents spend more on boys than girls is on tech products.
The study also found that parents spend an average of 21% of their income directly on buying stuff for their kids