Oprah’s “Favorite Things” would cost you nearly $12,000 to Own

Oprah’s “Favorite Things” would cost you nearly $12,000 to Own 

Posted: 6:26 am Friday, November 4th, 2016

By MelissaOnK923


Purveyor of all things favorite Oprah Winfrey just released her annual gift-giving guide, and boy will it cost you a pretty penny. She went bigger than ever by including 104 items this year for the 2016 edition of Oprah’s Favorite Things. 

This has become an annual thing in O, The Oprah Magazines December issues. There is a a list of gadgets and gizmos, in Winfrey’s words, “You never knew you always wanted.”

Here is just some of the things on her list this year:

  1. A $165 chocolate and vanilla cake with a potted poinsettia plant as a topper
  2. An extra cozy vest perfect for that winter chill ($119)
  3. A collection of the 62-year-old’s favorite bottle of wines ($99),
  4. A personalized dog blanket that runs $395
  5. A $1500 TV,
  6. A $65 jumbo lipstick
  7. A $195 gold-colored high top sneakers.

“Sometimes it’s the little things that make for the most thoughtful gifts,” Winfrey said in a statement about her holiday picks. “The 2016 list, which features more than 100 items, is the longest-ever gift wish list compiled by Oprah. Hopefully, there is a personalized human blanket on there, too

If you’re looking to follow in the billionaire’s footsteps, she also shared a few items that she personally uses on the regular. Look no further than her prized coloring books. Winfrey loves the popular de-stressing activity so much, she included three on her list!

The total cost to own EVERYTHING on Oprah’s “Favorite Things” list would cost you a whopping $11,555 this holiday season!